Syn2Psy at the 49th EBBS meeting, Lausanne

Syn2Psy EPFL students Alessandro Chioino and Loredana Cumpana participated in the 49th Meeting of the European Brain and Behavior Society, which was held on September 4-7, 2021 in Lausanne, Swizzerland.

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Alessandro Chioino (ESR2) presented a poster entitled “Impact of Mfn2 in the Nucleus Accumbens on motivated behavior and underlying neurobiological mechanisms” by Alessandro Chioino, Sriparna Ghosal, Simone Astori and Carmen Sandi.

Loredana Cumpana (ESR13) presented a poster entitled “The modulation of thalamic reticular nucleus neurons by corticotropin-releasing hormone” by Loredana Cumpana, Carmen Sandi and Simone Astori.

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