3rd PhD day – Communication activities – 8thESM

Last week Syn2Psy ESRs gathered in Coimbra for the 3rd Syn2Psy PhD day. During the PhD day, the ESRs had the opportunity to present their latest results, ongoing work and to receive feedback from the consortium experts. Furthermore, this event included Science Communication activities. ESRs participated in a session with Syn2Psy partner Marionet, to continue […]

Article in Frontiers for Young Minds

Say Cheese! Snapshots of the Living Mouse Brain Elizabeth Brockman, Syn2Psy ESR8, has published the first Syn2Psy article in the scientific journal for kids Frontiers for Young Minds. Abstract: The human brain is a highly complex system comprised of billions of cells, called neurons, that are all interconnected. Normal brain function depends on effective communication […]

Syn2Psy at FENS

In July 9-13 (2022), Syn2Psy ESRs Alessandro Chioino, Giuseppe Cammarata, Marcos Sintes, Daniel Hunter, Elisa Corti, Elizabeth Brockman, Laura Upton, Flavio Tomasi, Loredana Cumpana and Vanesa Salazar participated in the 2022 edition of FENS Forum in Paris, where they presented their latest work in the form of poster presentations.

Syn2Psy at the Fragile X and Autism Gordon Research Conference

Syn2Psy ESR Vanesa Salazar participated in the Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders Gordon Research Conference, which was held in Lucca, Italy, on May 15-20 (2022). Vanesa presented a poster entitled “Reduced social interaction in two rat models of SYNGAP1 haploinsufficiency” by Vanesa Salazar-Sanchez1, Sulafa Fakhreddin1, Thomas Watson1,2,3, Emma Wood1,2,3  and Peter Kind1,2,3 . 1 – Centre […]

Syn2Psy at the XVII Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience, Coimbra

Syn2Psy students Orsolya Antal, Giuseppe Cammarata and Elisa Corti participated in the XVII Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience, which was held on December 1-3 (2021) in Coimbra, Portugal. Orsolya Antal (ESR1) presented a poster entitled “Cognitive behavioural deficits in a knock-in mouse model with a human schizophrenia-associated mutation in the CACNG2 gene” by […]

Syn2Psy at the European Researchers’ Night, Coimbra

European Researchers’ Night 2021 was celebrated on September 24th under the topic Science for Climate. Syn2Psy ESRs Elisa Corti, Giuseppe Cammarata and Orsolya Antal joined the initiative with activities that create awareness about the influence of the physical environment on mental health and that promote knowledge about Neuroscience. The ESRs developed a True or False […]

Syn2Psy at the 49th EBBS meeting, Lausanne

Syn2Psy EPFL students Alessandro Chioino and Loredana Cumpana participated in the 49th Meeting of the European Brain and Behavior Society, which was held on September 4-7, 2021 in Lausanne, Swizzerland. Alessandro Chioino (ESR2) presented a poster entitled “Impact of Mfn2 in the Nucleus Accumbens on motivated behavior and underlying neurobiological mechanisms” by Alessandro Chioino, Sriparna […]