When: March 28th to April 1st, 2022
Organizer: IINS-CNRS and ZEISS
NS4: Advanced methods for imaging the brain: from nanoscopic to mesoscopic perspectives

Confirmed speakers
Daniel Choquet – IINS-CNRS (Organizer)
Eric Hosy – IINS-CNRS, FR
Stephane Bancelin – IINS-CNRS, FR
Rémi Galland – IINS-CNRS, FR
Eric Hosy – IINS-CNRS, FR
Florian Levet – IINS-CNRS, FR
Valentin Nagerl – IINS-CNRS, FR
Matthieu Sainlos – IINS-CNRS, FR
Jean Baptiste Sibarita – IINS-CNRS, FR
Vincent Studer – IINS-CNRS, FR
Julien Kissenberger – ZEISS
Fabrice Cordelières – Bordeaux Imaging Center, FR
Magali Mondin – Bordeaux Imaging Center, FR
Christel Poujol – Bordeaux Imaging Center, FR
Monica Fernandez Monreal – Bordeaux Imaging Center, FR

From widefield microscopy to super resolution;
Introduction to STED Microscopy;
Introduction to single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM);
Challenges and solution to perform single molecule localization microscopy in depth within complex tissues;
Application: STED imaging of structural dynamics of brain microstructure;
Sample preparation: overview of fluorochromes and labelling strategies;
Alternative Super Resolution techniques : Pixel reassignment;
Airy Scan- Live SR – ISM;
Expansion microscopy;
Application of single particle techniques to neuroscience questions;
SMLM: data analysis;
Structured Illumination Microscopy;
Use of the SIM;
How to build a start-up?