The selection process will take place in two rounds:

  • Selection based on the required application documents (round 1).
  • An interview by means of a video call (round 2).

In the selection process, the suitability of the applicants is rated using a scoring system. In each round, the evaluators will rate the candidate for five criteria and give scores for each criterium. The criteria are:

  • Research excellence
  • Motivation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Initiative & Independency
  • Communication

Naturally, all candidates need to fulfill the general requirements (to a minimum threshold).

The best 3 candidates in the 1st round will be invited for a video interview (round 2). For the interview, they will be given a scientific article to reflect on, and asked to be prepared to discuss it. This challenge serves as the final assessment of the suitability of the candidate.

The candidate with the highest overall score, will be offered the Early Stage Researcher position. In case no candidate meets the minimum requirements, the position will be reopened.

Appeal & redress

Syn2Psy will take all measures to implement the principles set out in the Commission Recommendations on the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. More information on the Euraxess page.