Syn2Psy will organize four Network Schools (NS)

They are designed to provide theoretical background as well as practical skills in the selected topics, through talks, workshops and hands-on training. Transferable skills will also be provided. The topics were chosen to train the students in areas crucial for research in neuropsychiatric disorders, taking full advantage of the consortium participants’ know-how. NS are jointly organized by beneficiaries (host institutions) and partner organisations, and will be open to both Syn2Psy ESRs and a small number of external young researchers. All NS feature invited lectures by renowned international scientists and experts in their respective fields.

NS1: Basic concepts on imaging tools and data analysis – Coimbra, Portugal


When: 30 Sep-4 Oct 2019

Organizers: CNC and ZEISS


Luísa Cortes (LC) – CNC, PT (Organizer)

Monika Marx (MM) – ZEISS, DE (Organizer)

Ana Luisa Carvalho (ALC) – CNC, PT

Ramiro Almeida (RA) – CNC, PT

Margarida Caldeira (MC) – CNC, PT

Soren Prag (SP) – ZEISS, DE

José Rino (JR) – IMM, PT

Tatiana Catarino (TC) – CNC, PT

Telmo Pereira (TP) – CEDOC, PT

Jorge Valero (JV) – Achucarro, ES


Experimental design towards microscopy analysis

Fluorescence microscopy – basic concepts

Live cell and high speed imaging

Dynamic imaging approaches

Multi-photon microscopy

Multi-photon microscopy in Neuroscience

3D Imaging

Intracellular calcium imaging

Spine dynamics visualization

Axon dynamics studies

Basic concepts on image analysis; ethics on image processing

Introduction to macro design for image analysis

Hands-on sessions: Microscopy

Hands-on sessions: Image analysis




NS2: Genetic approaches for the study of neuropsychiatric disorders - Paris, France

When: more information coming soon.

Organizers: IBPS - CNRS

Confirmed speakers:

Catalina Betancur – IBPS-CNRS, FR (Organizer)

Sarah Blackford – Bioscience Careers


Complex genetics – basic concepts

Genetic association studies

Copy number variation studies

Whole exome and whole genome sequencing

RNA sequencing and specialty sequencing


Network and pathway analysis of omics data

Functional dissection

Genetics of autism spectrum disorder

Genetics of schizophrenia

Genetics of intellectual disability

SHANK genes and Phelan-McDermid syndrome

Hands-on sessions: modern computational methods for rare and common variation

Workshop: Case studies and critical thinking in neuropsychiatric genetics

Workshop: Professional skills for doctoral students – Career planning

NS3: Drug discovery and development: from idea to product - Copenhagen, Denmark

When: May 5-7, 2021

Where: Zoom

Programme: GMT+1 and GMT+2

Organizer: Lundbeck

Confirmed speakers:

Kjartan Frisch Herrik, Principle Scientist – Lundbeck (Organizer)

Jan Kehler, Research Fellow – Lundbeck

Niels Plath, Vice President – Lundbeck

Karina Strøjer Søby, Senior Project Director – Lundbeck

Thomas Thestrup, Director, BD&L – Lundbeck

Ben Hall, Director – Lundbeck

Jesper Bastlund, Sr. Director – Lundbeck

Carla Almeida, Special Education and Rehabilitation Technician – PIN

Andreas Jurgeit, Partner, GIMV

Jesper Milman Jensen, Director – Pharmacosmos

Rasmus Revsbech, Sr. Psychologist – Region Hovedstaden

Tarek Samad, Senior Vice President – Lundbeck

Kristi Anne Kohlmeier, Ass. Professor – University of Copenhagen


Idea to Molecule

Preclinical Research

Clinical Research BD&L - what to look for?

Working in academia and industry

Working with industry

Industry versus academia

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Signs and Clinical Variability

NS4: Advanced methods for imaging the brain: from nanoscopic to mesoscopic perspectives - Bordeaux, France

When: March 28th to April 1st, 2022.

Organizer: IINS-CNRS and ZEISS

Confirmed speakers:

Daniel Choquet (DC) – IINS-CNRS, FR (Organizer)

Thomas Knöpfel (TK) – ICL, UK

Eric Hosy (EH) – IINS-CNRS, FR

Monika Marx (MM) – ZEISS, DE


Introduction to fluorescence microscopy

General description of super-resolution techniques

Advantages and limitations of the different SR techniques

In vivo optical imaging approaches

Light sheet microscopy

Photo-physics of fluorescent probes for super-resolution

Genetically encoded indicators of neuronal activities

Preparation of samples

Hands on sessions: Microscopy

Network Scools are complementary to the different local PhD program-based courses, offering a comprehensive set of scientific/technical skills along with transferable skills, the latter including:

Experimental design, statistics and data analyses

Scientific writing, Open Access and bibliometric indicators

Target dissemination of results and Public outreach

Effective (oral) communication, notably participation in major scientific meetings

Networking within the wider scientific community

Career development and career choices

Research funding and Project management

New Product Development (NPD)

Research ethics and scientific misconduct in biomedical research

Animal experimentation and animal welfare regulations